Fun friends fact - Emma and I have enjoyed many markets, events and workshops together. In fact we met at a workhop I did in Kyneton -  and she became obsessed, as some people do.  She was immediately drawn to ferment more - and design beautiful vessels. We talked about the problems with what was currenlty available and how they were perhaps a little big for small kitchens and homes these days.  And next thing you know - within a couple of years - she had a line of them. 

I am always able to tell Emma what kind of thing we'd like to see and she turns it into something better, and waaaaay more beautiful than I could have imagined. I am in awe. We are proud to sell her stock here in the shop and online. 

(Also - not nothing - Emma and I have both appeared on Better Homes and Gardens on separate episodes. !! ) 

This is from their website - which you can visit and check out their full line and Emma's own ceramic workshops.

Jim and Emma are creatives who love beautiful things. They started Pom-me-granite in 2015 with the vision to design and create objects that last the test of time both in quality and style; Emma with clay and Jim with wood.

Their creations are simple, natural and original.

EMMA: Designer / Maker; works with clay to create everyday objects to feed both body and soul.


  • BA in Ceramic Design from Monash University

  • Grad Dip in Education from Melbourne University

Emma trained as an apprentice ceramics conservator before running her restoration business Emend restorations for 15 years. But her fingers grew restless. While she repaired the creations of other makers she yearned to manipulate the raw material herself…

JIM: Designer / Carpenter; crafts useful objects that highlight the unique grain and form of the wood.


  • UK - trained carpenter

  • Self-taught fine furniture maker

Jim works full time as a builder to support their shared dream and uses weekends to work on commissions. One day they will work side by side.

what’s in a name?

Jim and Emma loved the sound of pomegranate for their business, but it was unavailable. Some creative thinking presented a personal solution. Jim’s a quietly-proud Pom, Em backwards is me, and the imposing rock forms in the hills surrounding their studio are made of granite. Pom-me-granite!


Written by Sharon Flynn

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