At the Fermentary, we think life is even more beautiful when in sync with the seasons. We strive to use seasonal produce and embrace the continuous change of weather throughout the year. But essentially what we are doing when we ferment, is preserving a season. 

Natasha Morgan also does this in the form of syrups. Natasha has been preserving and drawn to the beauty of life since she was young. Her continuous passion for all things nature, growing, and life continued as she studied Architecture and Landscape Architecture at university. Her decade of work as a senior architect led her to design and construct some of the most notable grounds like the Australian Garden and the Royal Botanical Gardens Cranbourne. She carried her knowledge and experience with her to educate and inspire others as a lecturer for 11 years at both RMIT and Melbourne Universities. 

Natasha would later find herself immersed in work with Melbourne's most sought-after florists and event designers. This work in the "school of life" allowed Natasha to focus on the things she enjoyed most and ultimately led her to leave urban Melbourne and head to rural Daylesford. Through this journey Natasha and her family would establish the rewnowned and "productive" focused farm; Oak & Monkey Puzzle. Oak and Monkey Puzzle would become a place for gardening, foraging, and creating, but also a home for sparking conversation and creating community. 

In 2022 Natasha and her family said goodbye to Oak and Monkey Puzzle to set out to their new 515 square metre Daylesford property, Little Cottage on a Hill. They would take the lessons and experiences from Oak and Monkey Puzzle to help a new sustainable-focused garden and home. Natasha hopes that Little Cottage on a Hill will become a "special place to visit, to experience and learn, to share skills - and further engender a community that’s welcomed me with open arms."

Natasha shares her story, knowledge of landscape architecture, and passion through writing, workshops, and social media. However, I think one of the best ways to experience Natasha's love of foraging, gardening, and nature is through her delicious syrups 

The sweet and smooth flavors highlight seasonal harvests ranging from lemons to elderflower and blueberry-lime to blackcurrant. These bottles are local and home-grown, organic, chemical-free produce, picked at the height of the season, and laboriously prepared by hand in small batches. At the Fermentary we like to use them best with our Milk Kefir, but it is a delight to have over yogurt, in cocktails, or ice cream. It is the perfect addition to any rainy day or a sweet treat to add an extra smile. 

Written by Maren Stewart

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