We try to make the best choices in manufacturing with our ingredients, packaging, and for our store. It's not perfect - selling food or anything isn't. Postage can be quite rough (in more ways than one, ya know? oh boy!) so for some of the more fragile items we need bubble wrap, which we save from other packages we receive and reuse but always have some at hand here and hope you'll reuse ours too. There is a kind that is "eco" and biodegradable meaning industrially compostable which we use - they are the black bags and need to be taken to a Redcycle depot at your local supermarket. 

The void fill packing is made out of corn starch and can be dissolved in water safely.  Our tape is compostable and can go into the recycling with the rest of your box.  The labels we use on our jars and bottles are paper and easily removable so you can use the glass again. 

It would be wonderful for you to come over to our little shop where we can refill your jar or bottle. If you are Melbourne based - come on in. We are at 394 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North.  We have flavours and ferments not found on shelves around the place so it is well worth your visit.  

A connected community is what makes the world great. We are here for that - sharing and connecting through our recipes, events, workshops, home delivered meals and now our store. xx