Eco friendly packaging


We try to make the best choices for our world. It's not always perfect but we are getting there. Postage can be quite rough (ya know? oh boy) so for some of the more fragile items we need bubble wrap. There is a kind that is "eco" and biodegradable meaning industrially compostable which we use. Some of the bags we use for packing are Redcycle, or if not - reusable and when we can they are actually home compostable. The void fill packing is made out of corn starch and can be dissolved in water safely.  Our tape is paper and can go into the recycling with the rest of your box.  The labels we use on our jars and bottles are paper and easily removable so you can use the glass again. 

It would be wonderful for you to come over so we could refill your jar or little cloth bag - but! We are always thinking of working out ways we can do that and so are many others. We are getting there I think. It costs more, but it's worth it. 

Perfect would be everyone growing and making their own and sharing it. And that's why we always share our recipes. xx