There are beautiful high-quality black sesame and black sesame pastes around which you should keep your eyes out for,  but if you can't find it,  tahini would work as well. If you don't have coconut sugar of course maple syrup or any other sweetener of your choice. Adjust these portions to your own taste, I tend to like a lot of black sesame which is quite thick - so you may prefer to use a blender for this rather than shake it to make sure it's dispersed well. 

You can freeze blocks of milk kefir into an ice cube tray for putting a probiotic, lively, tangy kick into smoothies. Rather than just using plain ice cubes to thicken and make for a frozen smoothie, this adds substance and in fact - the life in your milk kefir is unaffected when frozen. If you add enough, then your smoothie could also make it into a bowl.
Like ice-cream, but better and good enough for breakfast.



 750ml milk kefir

 3 heaped tablespoons black sesame 

1 Tbspn of coconut sugar (or maple syrup etc) 

1/2 Tspn vanilla

how to 

  1. Pop all of the ingredients into your shaker or blender.
  2. Add ice if you'd like it quite cold and frozen.
  3. Blend vigorously making sure that the tahini is mixed throughout.
  4. Taste to check sweetness or flavour and adjust where necessary.
  5. Pour into your icy pole mold or glasses for serving - if you've made a very frozen mix then you can pour it into a bowl and add bananas and other fruits and nuts, hemp seeds etc.
  6. Enjoy! If you are saving for later - keep refrigerated. This will keep in a bottle for a couple of weeks.
Written by Sharon Flynn

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