I covered all kinds of Yoghurt in my first book - this is the simplest - the magic to love is that you can make more yoghurt out of ..... your yoghurt! The process is simple, and mostly requires you to just stir and wait. It will do all of the work for you.

I recommend being patient and keeping it at 85c for at least 20 minutes before bringing it down to temperature to add the culture. This will result in a creamier yoghurt. Non-dairy yoghurts require some more nurturing - and different cultures more suited to the sugars.

Written by Sharon Flynn

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Hi, with the SCD yoghurt needing 24hrs, can I do this in the easiyo thermos container that your pour hot water into and let it sit on the bench with the lid on. It’s not electric. I was worried that the hot water will be cold in 8-12 hrs. Would I just tip out that cold water and add hot again at the 12 hrs mark or will this wreck the yoghurt? Thank you

Jessica on Apr 04, 2023

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