About The Fermentary

We want to make our real, slow ferments SO delicious that people everywhere will be able to access them, or if not, make it themselves. If it's delicious then you'll want to eat or drink some every day. And that's our goal.

We produce authentic, slow fermented vegetables, milk and water kefirs, mustards, miso, and other little small batch projects that we are curious about. 

 It's also our goal to empower and educate so for those who'd rather make their own, we offer the know-how or confidence with a wide range of workshops, events Ferment Your Own Kits with Fowlers Vacola, and also my book 'Ferment for Good, Ancient foods for the modern gut', (Hardie Grant, 2017). 

Gut health and our microbiome is a new and fashionable thing for food companies to be chasing. Through personal experience, we know that foods full of a wide variety of living bacteria add life to your body - much needed in these times of sanitised, processed foods, chlorinated water, heavily prescribed anti-biotics etc.etc.

But it is our focus is to craft our ferments to be so delicious, and full of complex flavours and lively textures so that you won't think of them as something you are 'taking' but simply good food and drink that you crave and enjoy as often as possible.   

This is a strange time of thinking of food as something that should be cheap, easy and fast. We've become so disconnected from food and where it comes from - large chain supermarkets are all many people have, and fresh, raw, living foods are often spoken of as medicinal, 'super', eaten as a lifestyle diet or fad....  rather than just normal.  

All of our flavours, textures and methods rely on the microbial world to transform raw food without heat. Our brews and ferments vary per batch, or season and are never sped up, watered down or made with added, imported, lab. grown cultures.  We have a good sense of what will taste good, and confidence to let time take its course. The Fermentary remains a micro-business and likely will always be small and artisanal. Upscaling a product like this usually pushes producers to take short cuts, use additives, preservatives and ingredients not found in the home kitchen with a result far from it's first intention.  We're learning a lot about our broken food system along this journey and it's been a shocking road.  

















 Lucky for me fermenting attracts some of the most interesting people. After a variety of very early stage, interested dabblers  - I was joined by Melbourne veteran chef - Roger Fowler who now heads up our production. We have settled The Fermentary in Daylesford, in country Victoria about an hour out of Melbourne,  in an old abattoir.  It's perfect there as we are close to farmers and have fabulous water -  drawn from the Franklin Ford springs for our water kefir and any brine ferments. It's the best water we've ever worked with.   

Roger and I blended our families a few years ago - (fermenting has brought more than just a business!), we moved into Melbourne to cater to their varying needs, and have a special kind of busy, noisy blended family that neither of us ever expected to be in - who expects that? 

Needless to say - our ferments go through tastes tests on lots of palates in the 12 -19 yrs age range - their friends and boyfriends and their families - all very opinionated -  to make sure that we provide you with fermented food and drinks that everyone's children will love, not just the adults.  (It can take a bit of training for those children who are used to sweet food or regular fizzy drinks... palates are trainable and lives are enriched, it's worth getting onto it..!) 

Our ferments are raw, living and wild fermented - they are good for your gut, but also for your mouth, your soul and for the other foods you eat through their naturally added digestive enzymes and enhanced nutritional content.

We hope you will find as much joy in this powerful microbial world as we have. x

-CEO and Founder Sharon Flynn, Chef Roger Fowler and the Ferm Fam.