My second book WILD DRINKS was released Nov. 2022.

Wild drinks focuses on infusing, brewing and fermenting drinks - the very easiest things to get into your people - for a cultured gut.

Delve into a farmhouse Sake, brew Kvass (like beer!) from stale bread, make sparkling, dry mead from honey and water. Try or level up your milk kefir, kombucha or other wild soda game.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Legend 2021

I was so humbled, extremely surprised (and very proud) to recieve a MFWF Legend award in 2021 - for my work in the category of Food advocacy and producer.

To resist and rewild ~

"Resistance takes place on many planes. Sometimes it must be dramatic and public, but most of the decisions we are faced with are mundane and private. What to eat is a choice that we make several times a day, if we are lucky. The cumulative choices we make about food have profound implications.

Food offers us many opportunities to resist the culture of mass marketing and commodification.…We do not have to be reduced to the role of consumers selecting from seductive convenience items. We can merge appetite with activism and choose to involve ourselves in food as co-creators". Sandor Katz

How to heal your gut ~

The importance of our gut health is no longer a question. Feed your microbiome with living foods and plenty of fibre. There are whole shelves of books on gut health, your microbiome, the gut-brain connection, good guts, clever guts... Books on what not to eat, how to eat, on fermenting, and gut-specific diets. Where to begin?

Stop and drink the roses...

Fermented Roses from local biodynamic roses make the most aromatic and subtle water kefir. Pairs well with a clear spirit (of course) but is beautiful and full of life on it's own.

Sip for inner power with our Kimchi tonic

Our delicious and restorative range of tonics, are actually a by-product, taken straight from our fermenting barrels; yet they have made it in Korean Vogue and loads of Australian publications. It sits in bars and restaurants and little independent stores and sells like crazy.

This deliciously warming kimchi tonic is full of garlic, ginger, and the juice from within the veg. in our kimchi. It's perfect for those days when you need an immune boost, a rejuvenating hit, a vitamin and mineral kick; sip this for power within. 

scoby the fermentary

Fermenting kits so you can ferment your own

Our gorgeous fermenting kits include all you need to begin concocting a never- ending supply of delicious living food and drinks at home. With kits for water kefir, jun, kombucha, miso, kraut, kimchi, koji spores and more you’ll have a bench full of natural ferments bubbling away in no time.