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Raw, Wild, and Slow Fermented: From a love of good food to a fight for gut democracy - we are proudly dedicated to complex, full flavour, gut loving, nutrient dense ferments. Eat our products because they taste great and make other food taste even better.  The fact that they are full of life and good for you is a bonus and should be true of more foods.  Join us in the return to real, slow food. It tastes better.    

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My book! If you are new to fermenting - I wrote this for you - I pretended I was writing to good friends near and far and trying to convince them to be as into it as me.

There's a chapter on Dairy, Vegetables - kraut and it's variations, kimchi's, brined vegies, there's a Japan chapter - natto, sake lees, some vinegars, miso and koji ideas. And of course there's honey ferments, mustard, injera and Idli - all the  SCOBY's as well as a few non-SCOBY related drinks.  And a few general favourite things and ways to eat them. 

The book contains many of the recipes The Fermentary make, and of course what we make at our own blended home, for friends and extended family.   Lots of stories - perhaps a bit of oversharing - from the different times and places that I picked up a new ferment skill.  

Now in it's second print!

What to do with your dehydrated kefir grains

Yahoo! You are here.  And perhaps you did as you were told and followed our instructions on your vial.  Well done. 

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