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Our Upcoming Workshops

Fermentation Demonstration

Feb 3 2018 at 10:00

at Kitchen Warehouse Preston

Ferment and Pickle Workshop with Kitchen Warehouse and ME. Preston and Moorabin stores on Feb. 3rd and Feb. 17th. Link for tickets below. x

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Fermented drinks Workshop with Kitchen Warehouse

Feb 3 2018 at 2:30pm

at Kitchen Warehouse Preston

Ferment your veg Workshop at Kitchen Warehouse.

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Wild Fermentation - a place to start

Feb 4 2018 10:00

at The Fermentary in Daylesford

Introduction to wild fermentation - the right equipment and ingredients and all of the information you'll need to go home or to work and ferment with confidence. 

Why you should eat your ferments and how, about gut health and my own journey and experiences with it. We’ll start off the series using my favourite base for fermenting - honey and onto a basic, wild mead. We'll move onto brining vegetables, and krauts. These are the ferments that don’t require any special ingredients or equipment. Go home with 3 jars to ferment at home. A jar of honey and garlic ready to wake your senses and excite you with it’s immense power, a jar of brined vegetables and of course, your simple kraut and leave the mead to ferment and drink at completion of the course.
Sign up for this one or the whole 6 week course.

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All about SCOBYs

Feb 11 2018 at 10:00

at William Angliss Institute in Melbourne

Keen to learn about the SCOBYs - milk kefir, water kefir, Kombucha and Jun? Come and touch and feel and make a batch of each to take home and ferment on your bench, and a few bottles to flavour to bring home to ferment there. Price includes SCOBY.

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Fermented Beverage Workshop

Feb 17 2018 at Kitchen Warehouse Preston

Kombucha, water kefir curious? Come and learn how and why it's best to make your own.  Two workshops available at 10:00-11:30am or at 2:30-4pm

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All about Kimchi - 4 ways

Feb 18 2018 at 10:00

with William Angliss Institute

Kimchi 4 ways - cucumber, whole, chopped and water, what to do with the paste, and left over juice. We'll revisiting krauts and brines: how and why you should wild ferment your veggies - equipment options, DYI or luxury crocks, plenty of recipes and idea’s of how to eat these delicious living foods. Go home with kimchi to ferment on your bench.

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Fermenting with Milk and Mylks

Feb 25 2018 at 10:00

with William Angliss Institute

Milk and Mylks and how to ferment them - how to use your whey, make wild yoghurt and the powerhouse range of products found from the milk kefir SCOBY. We'll venture into Kefir's history and glorious extensions of cultured butter, labneh, creme fraiche, and ice cream. You’ll go home with some milk kefir grains, a Yoghurt swatch and a whey based soda. We'll eat the butter and creme fraiche, and start the day with a smoothie from the milk kefir.

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Japanese Ferments

March 4th 2018 at 10:00

with William Angliss Institute

Delve into Koji and it’s many many beautiful functions. Make miso and learn the other ways of using koji by tasting and talking all about koji powder, amazake, soy sauce, mirin and the rough version of sake known as doburoku. We'll also touch on Nukadoko and other fermenting beds. Go home with a pot of Miso and a nukadoko paste for home fermentation.

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Lost Trades Fair

March 10th- 11th 2018

at Kyneton Racecourse

The most interesting market for sure and why our whole family comes out to help. This is where you buy a pickle on a stick, and we cook up our ferments for you to enjoy on the spot! We demo how to make kraut, have tastings of all of our products, and sell our usual drinks, krauts, kimchi and pickles but also some new flavours.

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Grains and fermentation

March 18th 2018 at 11:00

with William Angliss Institute

Grains: Rye Kvass, fermenting lentils for Idli and Dhosa, and Rejuvelac for drinking or for adding to nut cheeses. We’ll ferment Rye kvass to drink the following week, cook up some dosa, idli and injera and make a lime pickle to take home to ferment.

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Regenerating Communities: what's new on the menu? with Melbourne Food and Wine

19 March 2018    6 - 9pm

Farmers. Chefs. Soil. Microbes. All are essential to healthy and diverse gastronomic and farming cultures.

Join an inspirational and entertaining panel consisting of Matthew Evans, Dr Kelly Donati, Charles Massy and Sharon Flynn and chaired by Dr Nick Rose to explore how we can regenerate urban and regional communities for a more flourishing and delicious future.

Audience Q&A will be followed by drinks and canapes featuring recipes from Fat Pig Farm.

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August 12th: Essential Ingredient - (Prahran) Kimchi and the Japanese ferments - working with Koji.

We'll make kimchi, miso, amazake and shio-koji as well. I'll also be marinating with shio-koji for lunch.  Tickets on sale soon through Essential Ingredient. 



We are working on a wee trip over. Looking like first 2 weeks in April. ooooh we do hope this turns real and we see you soon. x . 


Recurring Workshops:

Masterclass at William Angliss institute

11:30am-4:30pm every Sunday from 4th February- 6th March 2018 

A first for me and William Angliss Institute - we have tailored a course that loosely follows each chapter of my book 'Ferment for Good, Ancient Foods for the Modern Gut'.  Choose one topic or sign up for them all. The facilities are amazing and we'll start at the basics and move on from there. 

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