Set of 4 Glass Weights

Set of 4 Glass Weights
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Very practical glass weights. Fit in your palm and heavy enough to weigh down a litre jars worth of vegetables. 

  • each weight weighs 200g (7oz)
  • diameter 66mm (2.6")
  • total depth including handle 32mm (1.3")
  • depth of glass base 20mm (0.8")
  • tested for lead and cadmium
  • dishwasher safe

They fit a wide mouth Ball, Mason, Agee (comes in the flask) or Kilner glass jar. They're deep enough so that when the top hits the lid the base is still pushing the pickles down. They are easy to put in and to fish out of the jar by grabbing the little handle. They're heavy enough to keep down the most vigorous ferment and they are really easy to clean.

These glass weights come in a set of 4. (no longer in the display case shown)

Set of 4 Glass Weights