Usually, my ferments are my benchtop garden, so many billions of tiny microbes in jars it should be called a farm -a kitchen bench farm.  But look what I did last autumn. I really didn't expect it to work! Such energy I wonder what it sounds like as it pushes through and out into the world.   

Acorns are not usually what I put in bottles, and so it has created a different problem; where to plant them next?  Waaaay back before I knew fermented foods could help a little (or big) gut, I loved my bench filled with a forest of jars and crocks. I learnt practical things like to never to fill a giant crock with sauerkraut and heavy weights in a place you don't wish to leave it for a month or so....and that headroom is very important if you don't want to come home to red kimchi juice spilling all over onto the floor and across the room. I loved to talk about it and share it.

Luckily I also learnt the pride of saving abundance and the sheer pleasure of giving a jar that I've nurtured, perhaps captured some magic - a moment in time, the flavour of a season. It's also a space for when I need to pour my heart into something real and good - something for later. Fingers crossed that it will work - the bottle will fizz, the cabbage will sour. 

A wish and a prayer - fermenting feels magic, just like gardening; setting up the right environment, nurturing, observing, and letting nature to do the work. A very true collaboration between you and nature. And all right there in a jar in your kitchen. Pretty lovely. Plus you can eat it straight away. 

But just look at all the baby trees....they are lovely too. SO though .....  now where?!

Hey if you are feeling a bit flat and need some fizz - now is the time to make something. They can't lock THAT down.  

I have just started a very good mushroom course with my friends at Milkwood -  I am watching from my iPad in bed at night and am loving it (yes - more things growing in containers...can't help myself....)  I bought my Spawn Bag from here.  I am growing Black Pearl : Pleurotus Oyster in buckets I've collected from The Ferm.

There are little shudders of awe all over the place. You might need to bring them into your home yourself. Need some inspiration? An idea? We are here. Join the FB group Ferm Fam for questions, or to show off your latest creation or even an interesting-looking mould... or join me for a Zoom on Wednesday evening - show me what you are growing and I'll show you mine. x

Written by Sharon Flynn

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