Handmade Sobagaki Workshop with Rieko Hayashi

October 07, 2023
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
General Admission

We have the most delightful workshop in store... Rieko, who came along to our big festival of Japanese ferments at The Dayelsford Longhouse a few years ago, is coming to celebrate an easy, delicious form of soba that we aren't that familiar with here - called Sobagaki.  With the same ingredients as Soba noodles, we will hand form the soba - similar and comparable to gnocchi in a way - only with buckwheat flour - we will watch Rieko make Soba noodles, and then make the dough, and shape our own Sobagaki - and enjoy together. Rieko will teach us how to eat this homestyle, very traditional and simple meal. 

Rieko is trained in macrobiotic cooking and a trained Japanese chef. This will be the second in a series here at The Fermentary.  We are very proud and excited to welcome Rieko as a regular teacher. Please read more about Rieko here. 


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