To Ferment....

Perhaps you ferment at home, and we hope you do; if only so you can experience a little bit of magic in your kitchen. 

You can be sure that when you buy our ferments, what you are eating or drinking is part of an important food movement; a return to traditions - to living foods and small batch real food and drinks. We are wild fermenters in a largely homogenised world. We don't water down, force carbonate or add starter cultures. Our choices have never been for convenience; we are slow fermenters and our most expensive ingredient is time. By supporting us you are encouraging and supporting an artisan business that puts our customers, our earth, flavours, and the drive toward a better food system first.

  • Drinks

    Who doesn't love a drink that tastes glorious while also doing wonders for your gut health? Our drinks, like everything else we do, are made using traditional methods of raw and wild fermentation. Click below to learn a little more about them.

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  • Vegetables

    Crunchy, sour, salty, sweet, and a little bit nutty; our vegetable ferments are good for you, good for your gut, but most of all good for your mouth! Wild, raw and fermented; we've been known to grab a jar, a fork and a quiet space to eat the whole thing at once.

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  • Seeds, Oils & Sauces

    We really (really) believe in sustainability and waste reduction at The Fermentary. One of our favourite ongoing discoveries is what to make with our spent produce (the stuff that doesn't end up in one of our usual jars). We used to keep these little mouthfuls of flavour-bombs just for ourselves, but they taste so good we've had to start sharing...

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  • Legumes, Grains & Pulses

    Scientific studies show that fermented legumes, grains and pulses have huge health benefits - far greater than eating them without fermenting them first. We like that they're healthy but we really like them because, a bit like a good, blue cheese, we are obsessed with the punchy, gut-loving flavours.

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  • Live Cultures

    Magical SCOBYs... they can't be made by humans, they can't be recreated in an anonymous lab. They can only be passed on, from fermenter to fermenter. If treated well, they will keep producing delicious, gut-loving drinks forever.

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  • The Fermentary Recipes

    Dry Store

    We've realised that if we're teaching you to make your own ferments then we also need to sell the products we use for our ferments. So we've scoured the world to find the very best sustainable, quality ingredients that we can. 

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  • Books

    Sharon's book, now in its third print (and already translated into Italian!), is an accessible and inspiring introduction to ferments throughout the world. Includes a wide-range of recipes, including The
    Fermentary's classic krauts, kimchi, drinks and Japanese ferments.

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  • Equipment & Kits

    You can buy all of our produce (and we hope you do!), but our real mission is to change the way people think about ferments. We teach workshops and run events designed to get as many people fermenting as possible. It's so much more than very tasty food.

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