Kraut Crack - deep purple

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Love sour, salty, and sweet and need to have it on you always? Want to dust this on your avocado instead of plain salt? Glass rims feel naked? I know, I know...maybe these days your hot chips are looking for something better than salt and vinegar.. and you are becoming increasingly afraid of ordering something that doesn't hit the umami, or living raw food mark. We are here for you with our Kraut Cracks.  

Maybe just put it on the table any time you have something a bit oily - babies seem to like licking fingers of it. I rather like the idea of a jerky dipped into it like a whizz could go well with ice cream or over cream cheese. The deep purple makes things prettier just by being there - how lucky for it! Oh it's just the beginning - you tell US how you like to eat it. 

Also - we just won 3rd prize for this life in a tube from the folks at EAT EASY AWARDS. x