Charmalade Recipe

Someone once told me that you should eat a charred, hot orange, split open, and enjoyed hot and drippy on your lap with a tea towel to catch the juices. Once you pry open a hot orange and eat it like that you might stop baking... it's better than a cake. Its that energy that led to this sauce and we hope you enjoy it.
Charred Oranges
Use 1.5 kg oranges - thick-skinned best but I use what's at the Vic market at the moment. 
1. Burn the oranges - not crazy burnt, but like in the photo above
2. Boil them in 3.5 litres water until the skins are soft - maybe an hour (keep the water)
3. When cool enough - pull the skins from the flesh, taking out any stems, and hard ends - very pithy bits. 
4. Put the pips and flesh into a muslin bag, and thinly slice the peel (or to your preference). 
5. Return the bag of flesh and pips to the water and the sliced peel as well. 
6. Add 3kg of sugar - I use a blend of Jaggary and raw - and gently stir until dissolved. Bring to boil and boil vigorously until setting point is reached. (test for this by putting a spoonful of the syrup onto a cold saucer and placing into the fridge where a light crinkly skin should form.
7. Leave for about 10 minutes - remove the bag and spoon the marmalade into sterilised jars and lid. 


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