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When you think of tea growing, most people imagine a typical terraced tea plantation, with high-density rows of small bushes. This is not that tea. Yunnan has large swathes - forests of large, older tea trees growing throughout the region, which makes a far higher quality and more interesting tea. This is what Ayden of Kuura Co seeks. And the flavour we love not only to drink but to make fabulous Kombucha and Jun with for a gorgeous smokey flavour. It brews very dark but not overpowering, so these teas make for great, rich brews.  

We are proud to stock several varieties and price points in store and regularly host Ayden to our store for Puer tastings. Pu'erh tea is one of those rare artsian foods that are in danger in disappearing.  


What is Pu'erh?

Simplified, Pu'erh is a type of tea from Yunnan, China, made from large leaf varietal camellia sinensis processed in a way that allows the flavour to change significantly with purposeful ageing.

The tea is processed in a manner that leaves a number of microbes within the tea still active, meaning the tea will ripen/ferment slowly via the action of enzymes, fungus, and bacteria, leading to unique aged flavours.

Kuura tea has been operating since 2017, and specialises almost exclusively in tea from Yunnan province, China.  They source and produce all of the teas, spending multiple months each year in person, on the ground in Xishuangbanna, visiting different mountains and collecting maocha (loose, roughly finished tea) before blending and pressing the cakes in Menghai.

For further information on each tea, search for the name in our search bar. 


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