Ferment for Good

Ferment for Good
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If you are new to fermenting - I wrote this for you - to convince you to be as into wild fermentation as I am. It took me a lifetime of learning, a love of sharing, and loads of late-night time typing, as if to old friends. 

In order to get words I needed I pretended I was writing to dear friends near and far.  I felt that the reader and I would perhaps become friends anyway because the journey is quite a personal one and I was sharing it with you. 

Chapters on how to ferment with Dairy, Vegetables  (kraut and it's variations, kimchi's, brined veggies), there's a Japan chapter (natto, sake lees, some vinegar, miso and koji ideas). And of course, there're honey ferments, mustard, injera and Idli, all the SCOBY's as well as a few non-SCOBY-related drinks. And a few general favourite things and ways to eat them.

The book contains many of the recipes The Fermentary make, and of course what I  make at home for friends and extended family. Lots of stories - perhaps a bit of oversharing - from the different times and places that I picked up a new ferment skill.

Now a 'BEST SELLER" forgive me for boasting, but it is available in Italian now too!

Let me know if you'd like me to sign it in a particular way if it's a gift for someone. x 

Ferment for Good