Traditionally a fishy delicacy enjoyed by ancient Romans and Greeks, Garum was made to preserve fish and use up its bi products. Back then Garum was made by filling barrels with fresh fish guts typically cleaned from sardines, whitebait, anchovies, mackerel, tuna, and others. They were placed between layers of salt and aromatic herbs and left in the sun for several months until they reached proper pungency.

Over time, preparation methods for Garum have changed. To make our Garums we recreated that sweaty barrel environment in an incubator oven (and pretended we were in the Mediteranean).  Either chicken, kangaroo or oyster mushrooms were mixed with rice koji, then left it in the incubator oven for about 6 weeks. 

The result is a beautiful umami rich sauce that can be used for marinades, sauces, soups and stews!

It is a delicious enzymatic soy sauce replacement that goes delightfully with Asian dishes -tried and tested may times with dumplings and crispy scallion pancakes!

Our mushroom Garum was made in collaboration with The Mushroomery using their stunning oyster mushrooms!


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