Magic Seeded Loaf Kit Rød Kraut

Magic Seeded Loaf Kit
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This magic seeded loaf is gluten-free, nutritious, and delicious: on its own or with milk kefir labneh and kraut on top.  

Just add water and sit overnight to have your own home-baked loaf!  Buy the mix with your favourite kraut, or along with a milk kefir SCOBY if you don't have one already so you can make labneh to go with it.

Choose from:

Recipe card and mix for Magic loaf only

1 jar of Kimchi or Kraut of your choice with Magic bread mix:

Kraut or kimchi + SCOBY comes and Magic bread mix:  comes with recipe, seed mix, and chosen kraut, plus milk kefir instructions and SCOBY.  Also includes the cheesecloth needed to make labneh.

Magic Seeded Loaf Kit