Jun SCOBY only


Jun SCOBYs prefer to be fermented with green tea and honey, and together they make an almost champagne like, refined and effervescent drink.

This beauty is rumoured to stem from Tibet - perhaps that is why it doesn't mind cooler temperatures and ferments quicker than Kombucha. (Usually 3-5 days).

Because the flavour is lighter it also lends itself to an easy second fermentation flavouring. Either second ferment with nothing - or add a few blackberries and sage for example. Jun is my personal favourite fermented tea. And very rare to see this available commercially. 

Your SCOBY will come with easy to follow instructions for making Jun, including 2nd ferment ideas.

To avoid refrigeration and preserve the health of your new SCOBY, we are able to send Kombucha Kits on Mondays and Tuesdays only.


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