Caroline Parker and The Fermentary have a long-standing relationship built off a love of tradition, health, and teaching. Caroline is the face and founder behind The Cottage Herbalist, home to award-winning teas and tisanes. She prioritizes organic and self-grown ingredients that are hand blended by herself. We even share an apothecary garden at Acre of Roses in Trentham, VIC!

Caroline’s passion for teaching and her work show in the quality of the product, making it even more enjoyable to consume. When speaking with Caroline, she mentioned her love of herbs started at a young age and has never left. She has fond memories of her mother letting her pick out something from the garden store and immediately gravitating toward herbs. This gravitation continued as she earned a degree in herbalism and has never shied away from farming and foraging. Her knowledge and experience have led her to teach workshops to inform on the medicinal benefits of herbs and how easy it can be to implement them into our everyday lives. She has continued her passion for foraging, blending, and creating throughout her products, classes, and daily recipes. Soon, you will be able to experience the bounty of knowledge and experience she has through her newly announced book!

 We have had the great pleasure of hosting some of Caroline's workshops and we are proud to stock her blends in the shop and online!

Thank you for adding life to The Fermentary Caroline!


Written by Maren Stewart

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