Barley Miso 300g


Kao Kao's Barley Miso - made in Daylesford and a connection from our factory when it was in Daylesford. This miso is fermented for more than 13 months to create depth and rich flavour but is still milder and slightly sweet in flavour. 

This miso is suited for Soup, as a Marinades, dressings etc. Miso is shelf stable but should be kept refrigerated for best results.


Organic Pearl Barley(Burrumbiodynamic, VIC), Biodynamic SOYBEAN (Slater farm,NSW), Salt, Koji Starter(Aspergillus Oryzae)


・Naturally Fermented(13month +)

・No Artificial color/ preservatives

・No MSG/ Chemicals

・GMO Free

・Vegetalian/ Vegan friendly




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