Live Cultures

Our live cultures are where the magic of fermenting transforms into visible form. Originating from all over the world and thousands of years old, SCOBYs, an acronym for ‘symbiotic community of bacteria and yeasts’ are naturally occurring and, we think, pretty damn special. By following a few, simple directions, which we will send with any culture you get from us, you have a living culture that should you care for, will last forever.

 Live cultures are symbiotic communities that feed off the sugars in our brews - turning simple water, tea or milk into complexly flavoured and food and drink containing multitudes of diverse microbial life, digestive enzymes and yeasts. This is a living culture that you can hold in your hands, watch grow, and easily share. 

The Fermentary’s live cultures come from those we use in our own ferments, fed only Daylesford spring water and top quality ingredients. Join our FB group Ferm Fam to stay in touch with this community, show off your ferments, ask questions,  learn from the others, and receive special discounts and invites. x