Material: Traditional Stirring Tool

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Spurtles are a traditional stirring tool originally for porridge and alike. They make stirring liquids, sauces and jams easier and quicker than a spoon or spatula.

NOTE : Anthony essentially forages the wood he uses around Melbourne and rural Victoria. The wood types we get will depend upon what comes down in storms, or what has been pruned. The different sizes and species dictate what they will be turned into, each one being unique and individual. We have pictured some as examples here, but the wood types will depend upon whichever beautiful wood he has stumbled upon. We hope you enjoy the surprise of discovering the type of timber yours is made from.

Handcrafted timber kitchen heirlooms made to last by REMAEK (Anthony Nelson). Made in Melbourne from reclaimed timber offcuts and locally-harvested branches, including fruitwood pruning like Apple, Pomegranate, Olive, Oak, Bay Tree, Mulberry, and numerous others. Most even include the postcode where sourced. “There are so many amazing and rare timbers that are going to waste, this is one way that I use them. Using branches reduces the huge amount of waste generated in the timber industry.”

Sizes (approx)
Length 31-37cm


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