Sake Kasu (Sake Lees - Soft, Japan)

Sake Kasu (Sake Lees - Soft, Japan)
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This is a raw and beautifully soft dough-like sake lees imported from Kazuma Sake Brewery in Noto Peninsula. 

Sake kasu can be used for baking breads and cakes, the vegan cheese sauce from my book - the crackers from my book - drinks, soups, and various enzyme face masks - and more exciting even - as a pickling bed.  We have to be grateful to sake for its by-product alone. x

This is fresh and unpasteurized, so we ship it frozen - please pop into your freezer as soon as possible. Don't worry if it has defrosted somewhat on the journey to you - there is a little alcohol in there so it will be fine to refreeze. 

Full of umami goodness - and enzyme-rich, so great for our bodies inside and out.

Sake Kasu or lees is the leftover mash after pressing to extract Sake (following fermentation).  The kasu is raw,  and filled with lots of nutrients including proteins, vitamin B, fiber, and yeasts. There is a small amount of residual alcohol remaining. 


Sake Kasu (Sake Lees - Soft, Japan)