ROSE water kefir 200ml - 6 pack

ROSE water kefir
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Stop and drink the roses.....
oops. We are waiting eagerly for the next lot of rose petals to bloom and fall. We'll tell you all about it when it does. The Rose drink became our most popular during COVID lockdown - and we sold out. yay to the roses - full of vitamin c I hear. xx

Brewed from petals hand-picked just before they fall to the ground at Acre of Roses in Trentham, just down the road from us, these beautiful varieties of edible roses are grown biodynamically for the earth - but also for consumption. It would be a waste just to sit them in a vase, right?
Let the aroma transport you to a field of roses, to a warm summer day or to a moment where you let yourself pause.  Not only are roses a rich source of vitamin C - but when we infuse our kefir with them you are getting so much more than just a refreshing, subtle flavour. You are also drinking life! 
You will notice that the colour of this drink changes depending on the colour of the petals we are given - sometimes a rich and deep red, other times a more golden tinge.  We owe everything we have learnt about this industry to Sandy and Rob from Acre of Roses. A wonderful collaboration that has been brewing since the very start of our own journey.  x 

Our water kefir is brewed in small batches, from the SCOBY and grown on local spring water, organic raw Australian sugar, and a mix of fruits and botanicals. This slow alchemy of few ingredients, using no synthetic starters, results in an almost sugar-free, naturally carbonated drink. It’s perfect as a mixer and great as a  pick-me-up at any time.

Yes - we brew naturally and don't water down our recipe, and as a result,  our Water Kefir has been tested to have over 200 billion CFU's of living bacteria per 200mls. It is well known to have over 30 different strains of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts - similar to the break down of Milk kefir.  We are really proud that we have kept this naturally carbonated - Pèt Nat and you can tell. 

Our water kefir is naturally carbonated which means it contains trace amounts of alcohol - enough to mean our laws require you to be over 18. 

ROSE water kefir