Water Kefir Lime & Mint 200ml - 6 pack

Water Kefir Lime & Mint
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The Lime and Mint is loved by everyone; alone as a lovely refreshing drink, but also as a mixer. Brewed with fresh limes and mint, there are no syrups or essential oils here. 

Our water kefir is brewed in small batches, from the SCOBY and grown on local spring water, organic raw Australian sugar, and a mix of fruits and botanicals. This slow alchemy of few ingredients, using no synthetic starters, results in an almost sugar-free, naturally carbonated drink. It’s perfect as a mixer and great as a pick-me-up at any time.

Yes - we brew naturally and don't water down our recipe, and as a result, our Water Kefir has been tested to have over 200 billion CFU's of living bacteria per 200mls. It is well known to have over 30 different strains of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts - similar to the breakdown of Milk kefir.  We are really proud that we have kept this naturally carbonated; Pèt Nat and you can tell. 

Our water kefir is naturally carbonated which means it contains trace amounts of alcohol - enough to mean our laws require you to be over 18. 


Spring water slow cultured with SCOBY, infused with organic dried figs, dates, ginger, lemon; residual raw sugar, lime juice (6%), mint  

(1%), molasses

Shelf Life

8 weeks

Water Kefir Lime & Mint