Have a Go Series- FETA KIT | Live Culture Kit | Country Trading Co.

Equipment & Kits

We think that we make great products at The Fermentary and work hard to make sure that they are made as close to traditional techniques as possible so they taste just like home-made.  But we love it when someone catches the fermentation bug themselves and starts making their own actual home made ferments. The real excitement of fermentation for us is about being part of the expanding community and sharing of food knowledge that can be passed onto others and into more lives.

I also like lovely, well thought out simple things that make the fermenting experience quite beautiful.  There are the very affordable, traditional glass jars with air locks in collaboration with Fowlers Vacola, with our own recipes and dry ingredients so you can make your own kimchi, kraut and brined vegetables. Simple jun, kombucha, water kefir and miso kits, as well as exquisitely designed and handmade crocks from the very talented Emma Jimson at Po-me-granite. 

But if you are the kind of learner who needs to see, hear, smell and touch - or for  those wanting to convince a friend or have a day out head over to our Workshops and Events page. We like to keep things interesting by bringing in fabulous interesting people here from all over the world to deepen our learning and widen our imagination. 

As well as our instagram and facebook community we also have a little closed group Facebook page called Ferm Fam -  for any questions you may have,  photos you'd like to add, and general support from a large community of fellow fermenters.