Our Water Kefir is made SCOBY traditionally, fermented, kept raw and unpasteurised and fermented until the organic sugar is low enough to be tangy and sour, but enough left in there to turn to glucose. (Our kefir is fed the best Australian organic raw sugar and the crispest, spring water from Franklinford).

This is a drink that has been enjoyed in many countries for generations - the residual alcohol that causes the fizz - only a problem until recently. It sits on average at 1.5% depending on the flavour. 

Natural fizz, small batch brewing, and simple ingredients are important to us  - and something we didn't want to change.

We don't water it down or add non-fermentable sugars (like Xylitol, Erythritol, Stevia etc). If we did that our water kefir wouldn't be sparkling - we'd need to force carbonate, like any old soda.  And there'd be less life, in fact, The Fermentary water kefir was recently measured to contain over 200 billion cfu's (colony forming units) of good gut bacteria per 200mls! This is 'feel good' in a bottle. The health benefits are obvious, but the flavours are what we aim for, and for a pick me up in the morning, 11am or early evening it's perfect.

As we are now a licensed product you won't find it in many of the smaller independent corner stores unless they are both licensed and have room for a fridge.   And look or ask for it on menu's at bars as your low- to-no alcohol beverage choice. 

We are proud to provide the only licensed and minimal intervention water kefir in the market.  You can trust that we continue to make this traditionally with real ingredients just as you would at home. 

Minimum order of the 200mls is 6, and 3 for the large please. Must be kept refrigerated.  Order - or buy it here