Milk Kefir Magic

General Admission: Thursday 15th August - 6:30pm

Milk kefir is well known as one of the best natural gut lovers and nurturers we have.  I will show you how to easily incorporate this powerful living culture into your daily routine and how to get it into the guts of people you love.

We'll start with the basics, you'll meet your new milk kefir SCOBY- make some milk kefir and then move onto flavouring, making butter, labneh, catching the whey and then making a  naturally fizzy and gut-loving kefir whey soda.

You'll go home with:

  • A milk kefir SCOBY in a jar and ready to feed when you get home
  • A whey soda flavoured with fresh fruit of your choice to finish fermenting at home -Milk kefir cultured butter
  • A beautifully illustrated recipe card to help remind you how to keep it going

We'll enjoy flavoured milk kefir and labneh together during the evening.


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