Smoky Jalapeño Kraut 6 pack 500g x 6

Smoky Jalapeño Kraut 6 pack
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Our gently warming, raw sauerkraut is infused with jalapeños, slowly smoked over hay right here at The Fermentary.  Left to wild ferment in barrels with cabbage, sea salt, black pepper and coriander seeds.  This is a smoky, gut-loving ferment.

This is a favourite in our home, with the teens and is always on the dinner table. They are making cheese toasties with it, avocado on crackers topped with it, mixing it through guacamole.... often just eating it straight out of the jar!  Smoky and subtle with a warm glow of jalapeño, rather than spicy, it has a musky hint of black pepper, all mixed with the fresh sour tang which seems to keep you wanting more.  Your gut doesn't even know this is good because your mouth is so happy. :)

Like all our ferments -this must be kept refrigerated. 


Cabbage, sea salt, jalapeño, coriander seed, black pepper.

Nutritional Panel

Average Quantity per 100g  
Energy 113kJ
Protein 1.6g
Carbohydrate 3.4g
Sodium 70mg

Shelf Life

Use within 1 month of opening

Smoky Jalapeño Kraut 6 pack