SOUP FIX SET - Kimchi paste and passionfruit brown rice vinegar


The fastest and easiest soup you ever saw. It's all to taste - but with just the paste and the vinegar - some broth or water - you can make a very satisfying soup. Add veggies - or not - noodles - or not. Crispy tofu or tempeh on top. Or not. I usually add some sesame oil on the top and some crispy onions if I have them. 

Put together as a winter - stuck at home and just don't want to cook special. Maybe send one to a friend in lockdown... great for last-minute, emergency dinners. But on their own they are both handy anyway. 

Will make many soups depending on how much you use, how big your pot. As an indication - 1 pot to feed 4 takes a heaped tablespoon of kimchi paste for my family

250ml Passionfruit Brown Rice Vinegar - 3+ years clay pot fermented brown rice vinegar brewed in Taiwan

190g kimchi paste - gochugaru chilli, ginger, garlic, tamari, sugar


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