Milk Kefir SCOBY



If you are to choose only one thing to ferment - one SCOBY - this is the one.

Making milk kefir is one of the simplest and most nutritious ferments. A Milk Kefir SCOBY consumes the lactose in your milk, adding loads of the good stuff - lactic acid bacteria, tryptophan, and a range of other probiotic species! It will make a gorgeous, creamy, life-giving, gut-enriching drink within a day or two.

You can also use your milk kefir grains to make delicious cultured butter, labneh, smoothies, icy poles, whey soda, and cheeses. I have written about milk kefir in my book Ferment for Good and Wild Drinks, where you'll find recipes and information about this gorgeous culture.

We also can't recommend Natasha Morgan's gorgeous syrups highly enough for flavouring your kefir - click here to view these.

Consuming milk kefir regularly can improve digestion, boost immunity, and promote overall gut health. In fact, the probiotics found in milk kefir have been linked to reduced inflammation and improved nutrient absorption. Incorporating milk kefir into your diet is a simple and delicious way to support your well-being!

We ship Milk Kefir Grains Australia-wide using Overnight Express to ensure they arrive happy and healthy. You will receive enough to make 500mls and illustrated instructions on how to do this. The milk kefir grains will grow quickly and change slightly depending on where they are, the frequency you use them, the temperature, the milk, etc. It is a living being that will grow and provide you and your family with milk kefir for generations.

You'll need to feed your SCOBY (make kefir) as soon as possible. You'll need a small jar and 500ml of milk. When ready, have a strainer and another jar to put the milk kefir into while you ferment the next batch.


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