Ceramic Kefir Strainer - Emma Jimson Pommegranite Studios


A superbly functional porcelain strainer to make your milk kefir making even easier.

Put your strainer in a clean jar, pop in your grains, and fill with milk. Cover with muslin and leave until the kefir is to your liking.  A wooden chopstick is ideal for swirling and separating the milk from grains after fermenting, and simply transfer your strainer to a clean jar, fill with milk and cover with muslin. Lid your fermented kefir, shake, degas, and refrigerate. Every 5 or 6 cycles, give your strainer a rinse, and in warmer weather, wipe the rim both inside and out if it’s getting ‘crusty’ 

Fits a range of glass jars, including Fowlers and Ball Mason

Glazed with a clear gloss inside and out for easy cleaning.

Outer edge 86mm D, inner edge (to fit in your jar) 69mm D, 120mm H


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