Milk Kefir SCOBY


In my opinion, if you were to choose only one thing to ferment - one SCOBY - this is the one.

Milk Kefir really is the simplest ferment with the least steps and the most return. A Milk Kefir SCOBY is able to consumer the lactose in your milk, adding loads of the good stuff -  lactic acid bacteria, and tryptophan for a start.  They can bring life back into pasteurised milk, (even UHT and powdered if that's all you have!) It canl make a gorgeous, creamy, life-giving, gut enriching drink within a day or two. (I recommend a period of at about 48 hours).   Your milk kefir can then go on to make  make easy, delicious cultured butter, labneh, smoothies, icy poles,  all kinds of cheeses, whey soda - you name it. I have written about milk kefir in both of my books,  Ferment for Good and Wild Drinks and you'll find loads of recipes and information about this gorgeous culture.  

A Milk kefir SCOBY is a living being and will grow and provide you and your family with milk kefir for generations.  We will come pack you just enough to make 500mls  and let them grow in your own environment - as they do grow quite quickly, and change slightly depending on where they are, the frequency you use them, the temperature, the mlilk etc. etc. 

You'll receive illustrated instructions with them. 

Please note: you'll need to feed your SCOBY (make kefir) as soon as possible after receiving it - you'll need a small jar - about 500ml and milk of your choice.  When it's ready have a strainer of some sort, and another jar to put the milk kefir into while you ferment the next batch. xx

Milk Kefir Grains can be shipped Australia-wide, however we have found we need to ship them Overnight Express to ensure they arrive in a timely manner; happy and healthy.  As far as we can work out - our order system only adds basic shipping rates so we have built the extra into our SCOBY base price to cover the Express this. 


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