Kraut Salt




These are our favourite kraut flavour mixes - add to cabbage, ferment for a few weeks, and you'll have a stunning kraut to serve to family and friends (or eat straight from the jar on your own!).  Simply use 25g of salt mix to every kilogram of shredded cabbage and ferment as normal.

Most of these salts also work beautifully as some extra flavour in any cooking or salt-based fermentation, with our chef recommending the Christmas Citrus Kraut Salt in particular to be used as a finishing salt for your porchetta or roast chicken.

Buy them all as a pack of six for a great gift!



From the Sea Kraut Salt - Sea-salt, wakame kelp flakes, mekabu powder, Pink peppercorns

Caraway Kraut Salt- Sea-salt, caraway seeds

Curry Spiced Kraut Salt - Sea-salt, turmeric powder, cumin seeds, black peppercorns

Danish Red - Sea-salt, juniper berries, celery seeds, fennel seeds 

Christmas Citrus - Salt, orange Juice, orange zest, fennel seeds

Red Fennel  - Sea-salt - fennel seeds


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