Woodstock Flour



Woodstock Flour is 100% wholegrain, stoneground and milled to order from Certified Organic grain grown on our family farm in Berrigan, NSW. Their flours are best used fresh and mixed at a high hydration.


Spitfire is your typical bread wheat with great extensibility and oven spring. It’s high in
protein and mills into a fine golden flour with an almost indistinguishable bran flake. For best results, be sure to increase your hydration bya round 10% when baking with this flour.

Perfect for: Bread, pizza, pasta
Flavour: Herbaceous, savoury


Rye mills into a soft flour with a large bran flake. Woodstock have been growing this particular rye for 20 years and it has adapted well to our organic conditions with lots of natural variation.

Perfect for: Bread, biscuits, cake
Flavour: Lavender, earthy, tangy


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