Water Kefir Kit
Water Kefir Kit
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Water Kefir Kit

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Can't get ours? Want to make your own water kefir? 

It's so easy you can start fiddling around with your own flavours and fizziness as soon as they arrive.


- 2 litre jar

- Water Kefir SCOBY

- Complete instructions for your first batch including 2nd fermentation flavour ideas.

You could have a brew ready within 3 days from when you receive them.

Our cultures are never refrigerated so are in perfect condition -  the SCOBY you get is pulled from our vats the day we send them. Please note we send fresh grains on Mondays, Tuesdays only - just to be sure they aren't sitting somewhere hot for a few days, so be patient. These will last a lifetime. x

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