Transition Farms workshop - With Baxter

Transition Farms workshop - With Baxter
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 10.30am – 2pm, Sunday 19 April, 2020 

This is one of our favourite workshops - on a farm with a walk and tour - and then all of our favourites - which are also the very best way to get a broad beginning - get some confidence and intuition into your fermentation life, and go home with plenty to ferment on the bench, eat that day - and plan for more.

Time: 10.30am – 2pm, Sunday 19 April, 2020  $185.00

A welcome drink, Introduction by The Fermentary, and:

  • A Farm Tour guided by Robin Koster-Carlyon
  • Brined vegetables
  • A generous lunch with delicious samples from The Fermentary using produce from Transition Farm
  • Milk kefir, flavouring and labneh
  • Strawberry Whey Soda
  • Kefir cultured butter

and a Q&A at the end.

With a generous take-home bag which includes:

  • 1 airlock jar with a brined veg or sauerkraut
  • Milk kefir SCOBY
  • Kefir cultured butter
  • Milk kefir recipe
  • Sauerkraut recipe
  • Brined vegetable recipe

Exact address of Transition Farm will be sent via email to all guests.

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Transition Farms workshop - With Baxter