KOJI spores for Soybeans

KOJI spores for Soybeans
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The tane or kin for growing KOJI on soybeans

We are proud to be authorised suppliers of Tane Koji by Bio'c from Toyohashi City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. 

With this little packet of powerful Aspergillus Oryzae spores (20 grams), you can make 10kg of koji spores ready to grow on soybeans for Miso. 

We are honoured to partner with Bio'c - established over 600 years ago and handed down through generations. Each batch is tested for strength and purity, certified free from any possibility of toxins - including the Aspergillus Flavus species... none of that here.

We'll send this to you in the packaging that it comes it - with our own instructions in English, which have been developed and approved by Bio'c. What you do with it once you've grown it is up to you. 

If growing your own Koji Spores is a step too far for you - we also sell Bio'c's own Rice, Soy or Barley koji ready to go - just start fermenting. 

KOJI spores for Soybeans