Special Edition: WHITE KIMCHI (Jar and bottle of juice)
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Special Edition: WHITE KIMCHI (Jar and bottle of juice)

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We started making this as a special request for patients of a Sydney naturopath who were experiencing sinus infections. Now we make it monthly to make sure we have some ready or also to make it easier to order. 

There is a bacteria in kimchi also found in your sinuses, and similar to a fecal transplant people who have suffered years of sinus problems and have been using nasal sprays seem to benefit by putting the bacteria back in. 

Comes with a 700g jar of white kimchi - and a 300ml bottle of the juice, so you can eat it and drink it. (Or spray it...). 

This is a special kimchi that we make monthly, so it may take 3 weeks to get to you - a 3 week ferment for this one is preferable.   

Ingredients: wombok, daikon, organic carrots, organic garlic, ginger, tamari, spring onion, salt.