Soybean Nattō (frozen)

Soybean Nattō (frozen)
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500g of Australian grown, biodynamic soybeans, fermented from our own culture. If you know nattō, you'll love it - if you don't, it's time you got to know it!

Nattō is THE best dietary source of Vitamin K2,+ B2,  a great source of protein and iron - Nattō give a certain wonderful umami to everything. It makes my heart skip a bit.  I'm a lover of it. And even better - now you have the choice of buying a locally made brand that isn't packaged in styrofoam, is biodynamic and Australian grown in small batches.  

These come frozen and wrapped in 50g portions so you can pop one out for yourself and be eating lovely fresh natto within 20 minutes. (Or cook with it immediately.) 

To buy some of our natto, please contact us at, or send us a message through our website (ADD LINK).


Biodynamic, Australian Soybeans, Natto culture - wild not synthetically grown (Bacillus subtillus).

Shelf Life

Keep frozen for up to 3 months

Soybean Nattō (frozen)