Nattō - biodynamic, small batch (soybean) 3 pack plain

Nattō - biodynamic, small batch (soybean)
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Australian grown, biodynamic soybeans, fermented weekly.  If you know nattō you'll love it - if you don't, it's time you got to know it!

Nattō is THE best dietary source of Vitamin K2, and B2 a great source of plant protein, fibre, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc; no trans fats, cholesterol, sodium, or added sugar. 

Eating Nattō is also the only natural way to get Nattokinase. 

It also gives a certain wonderful umami to everything. We often add it to savoury things that need the taste of parmesan, or a hard cheese.  

Our Nattō is packaged in glass so now can finally buy a locally made grown and fermented nattō without the styrofoam. 

Even the smell of Nattō makes my heart skip a bit.  I'm a lover of it, a little addicted even. You can learn to love it too. x

Our Nattō is available in a pack of three, 130g cardboard containers.   Be sure to whip it to get the stringy action - stir in your soy sauce or however you like it. x

KEEP REFRIGERATED - in order to make sure this arrives to you fresh - your order will be frozen in the container, and sent to you with icepacks. You can store in the fridge or pop it into the freezer to extend the shelf life to 3 months. 


Biodynamic, Australian Soybeans, Natto culture - wild not synthetically grown. (Bacillus subtillus)

Shelf Life

6 weeks

Nattō - biodynamic, small batch (soybean)