Soybean Nattō

Soybean Nattō
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200g of Australian grown, biodynamic soybeans, fermented from our own culture. If you know nattō you'll love it - if you don't, it's time you got to know it!

Nattō is THE best dietary source of Vitamin K2,and B2,  a great source of protein and iron - Nattō give a certain wonderful umami to everything. It makes my heart skip a bit.  I'm a lover of it. And even better - now you have the choice of buying a locally made brand that isn't packaged in styrofoam, is biodynamic and Australian grown in small batches.  

To buy some of our natto, please contact us at, or send us a message through our website (ADD LINK).


Biodynamic, Australian Soybeans, Natto culture - wild not synthetically grown. (Bacillus subtillus)

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6 weeks

Soybean Nattō