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TOPIC: Wild Fermentation: raw milk; glass and plate. 

SETTING: Longhouse Daylesford in collaboration with The Fermentary 

GUESTS: David Asher and fam., Tessa Kiros, Melissa Mills (Sake Connect), Kirsten Bradley + Nick Ritar (Milkwood Permaculture). And the students of Davids 5 day workshop. 

Dinner by Brigette Hafner (yay!) + Roger Fowler 

From 5.00pm - Sharon will host a mini-workshop on raw vegetable fermentation - a batch of sauerkraut, kimchi and a brined veg. Take a jar home to ferment on your bench. MEET FOR WORKSHOP AT THE FERMENTARY - 57 Leitches Creek Road, Daylesford. 

This will be followed with dinner at Daylesford Longhouse, and a conversation on raw milk cheeses and wild fermentation on our tables and in our glasses today. 

This is a BYO event, however it will include several interesting Sake's old and new, paired with aged cheeses, and explained by Melissa Mills. 

The workshop starts at 5pm Saturday evening, (at The Fermentary) for dinner at 7 pm. (at Longhouse) 

SOBREMESA comes from the Spanish tradition of relaxing at the table after a heavy meal - beginning after dessert is served and lasting about an hour, often longer, particularly in the summer.  Depending on where you are and who you are with, this includes coffee, tea, wine or a small liqueur sipped from a shot glass. Some people use this hour for TV watching but we're rather hoping to enjoy a very lively and quite long dinner conversation.