Sep 23 - Family Miso Soup Ball Making with Rieko Hayashi

September 23, 2023
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
General Admission

Known as 'Miso Dama' these are the ultimate healthy and super convenient little balls to have sitting in your fridge for any time you need soup, or something you can add to butter in a pan with noodles for example. 

Make your own and go home with a container of 12 little ready to eat miso balls you can pop into your fridge or even freeze.  We'll have a variety of healthy and delicious additions for you to roll into and around the balls - chosen, prepared and guided by Macrobiotic specialist chef Rieko Hayashi. 

End the session with a warm bowl of miso soup. We'll have coffee and tea for waiting parents if you'd like to let a younger person just sit and make their own. 



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