October 19 - Kombucha/Jun deep dive

October 19, 2023
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Did you know that there are not many labelling laws for commercialised kombucha?

Much of what you buy from mainstream supermarkets don't even contain tea (a crucial ingredient in the ferment), are often made with wine vinegar or are force carbonated. That's not to say they can't be tasty but a proper made kombucha/jun is alive, naturally sparkling, mildly acidic, incredibly refreshing and contain a small amount of residual alcohol. 

Kombucha and Jun are both ancient fermented and naturally sparkling containing great nutrients that aid digestion. Kombucha is traditionally made with black tea and sugar, and Jun with green tea and honey. 

In this workshop we will demonstrate how to feed your mother / SCOBY (choose between Kombucha or Jun) and then each attendee will be able to flavour their own batch ready for second phase fermentation using fruits, herbs and spices we have available to you. 

Go home with your selected SCOBY and your personally flavoured bottle of Kombucha/Jun. Learning this skill will allow you to capturing a season in a bottle - drinking Summer in early Winter is pure joy.  

This is part of our M.O.B. (Mingling Over Bacteria) workshop series, that you will see popping up here and there. These workshops are fun, relaxed and social and not too in depth - a purely hands on experience. Bring your mates! Or make new ones!


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