Kombucha Kit

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Tired of imitation kombucha? Our robust kombucha SCOBY is fed only on Daylesford Spring water, organic black tea and raw sugar.

In this kit, along with our precious SCOBY with starter kombucha, you will recieve a 2 litre jar, an organic cheesecloth cover, and easy to follow instructions for making kombucha with 2nd ferment ideas.

Kombucha is a very hardy SCOBY and a good choice for people who go away sometimes, or would like to do a continuous brew. 

To avoid refrigeration and preserve the health of your new SCOBY, we are able to send Kombucha Kits on Mondays and Tuesdays only.

This kit includes:

2 litre jar, SCOBY, starter kombucha, mix of Rooibus, black and green tea, raw sugar, muslin + band, instruction card with 2nd ferment ideas