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Hot Sauces
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The ferments we do with our other ferments.

Our latest and this season is our Jalafeijoareya? A smokey jalapeno and feijoa hot sauce - smoked Jalapeno's fermented with local Feijoa and fermented IN the juice of our Smoky Jalapeno Kraut. This is going to be a JOY. 

Available for pre-order. 200ml bottle clean skin for now. 


The Kemchi Hot Sauce is smokey, quite hot, tart and a little bit sweet, this sauce pairs with so many things! 

A gorgeous mix of Kimchi juice and spend dates from our Kefir - byproducts have never tasted so good. Blended, fermented, heated and bottled. 

200m bottle, clean skin for a test run. 

Hot Sauces