HONEY - 7 years clay pot fermented brown rice vinegar

HONEY - 7 years clay pot fermented brown rice vinegar
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You are perhaps familiar with Apple Cider and the shrubs we make from those. This - oooh this is a much longer ferment with a gentler and more caramelised flavour and silky finish. Drink it like a cordial; In fact that's what it's for. I replace my evening wine with a couple of glasses of this throughout the night and feel completely satisfied.

Enjoy this in drinks, on ice, with soda water or make non-alcoholic cocktails with it. You can also use it as you would regular vinegar - in dressings, on rice for sushi, in hot water with ginger. Wherever you crave it. 

Brown Rice is fermented in handmade clay pots with the mother that has been nurtured for generations to create these beautiful bottles of vinegar. At about 3 years, local honey is added and left to ferment another 4 years. 

I recommend about a 1:10 ratio. This bottle should give you 15-20 glasses depending on how strong you like it and how big the glass. I like a nice big 300mls glass and add about 20mls to it. :)  

I had been wanting - dreaming of and then searching to find a good source of Brown Rice Vinegar as I had enjoyed on my travels. Quite miraculously this Taiwanese company found me! Generations have been fermenting brown rice into vinegar in large clay pots. Thousands of pots. The first ferment the brown rice with the mother and then after a minimum of three years they add the flavours - whether fruits or herbs and then let sit again for a few years until it has fermented at least 7 years. 

There are many flavours in this range and we have only just brought in a few of them to see if you'd all like it.  So far so good. x

HONEY - 7 years clay pot fermented brown rice vinegar