HAKKO 発酵 - celebrating Japanese ferments and slow food
HAKKO 発酵 - celebrating Japanese ferments and slow food
HAKKO 発酵 - celebrating Japanese ferments and slow food
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HAKKO 発酵 - celebrating Japanese ferments and slow food

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Join us for a celebration of Japanese slow food and ferments. This is for the curious fermenter - the sake lover, the Japanophile, the koji obsessed.  Those of you who'd like to indulge in Japanese fermentation. Or those who love to eat and drink good, traditional, artisanal food. Or maybe who just want to learn something entirely new. 

We are honoured to be bringing Nancy Singleton Hachisu to Australia for this event along with Terada Masaru of Terada Honke sake fame. 

Saturday June 8th 2019 - schedule will run roughly like this: 

10am Daylesford Longhouse: 

Terada Masaru - On Kōji - what is it? How do you grow it? How does it make miso, mirin, shoyu, and sake??  Hosted by Terada Masaru from Terada Honke fame -  to talk about his family business and philosophy. Taste their sake with further guidance from sake consultant Melissa Mills  (Sake Connect). 

Holly Davis on Katsuoboshi and Dashi - What is katsuobushi and how do they make it? How to make the very richest umami-filled dashi. 

Light lunch by Yokie Yatagai from Shimbashi Soba & Sake bar Fitzroy. 

Nancy Singleton Hachisu - On Preserving the Japanese Way. 

From her book - Nancy will guide us through the many and various Japanese pickling techniques for vegetables, fish and meat using salt, koji, Kasuzuke,  Nukadoko, and Miso bed. (take home some Nuka to seed your own bed). 

Sharon Flynn on Natto -what is it? Taste, talk and demonstration, we'll make a batch for the next day together. 


6.30 pm - On Sake Brewing & Guided Tasting with Terada Masaru and Melissa Mills from Sake Connect 

Make Amazake for next day 

Feast -  designed by Holly Davis, with Chef Roger Fowler.   Paired sake by Melissa Mills from Sake Connect,  and Japanese beers by Kirrily Waldhorn of Beer Diva fame.

Dinner will feature many Japanese ferments made on site and brought in from the best artisan fermenters in Japan by Nancy Singleton Hachisu. Holly will use ingredients grown and bred on by Trace and the soil at the Longhouse as her inspiration.  


Sunday, June 9th 2019

(Amazake on arrival to warm your bones)

MISO making - Longhouse Daylesford. 10.00 am - Noon.  In this Miso Workshop taste a range of Miso's of differing ages, learn the history, geographical differences and traditional uses of this ancient ferment. Make a large batch of miso together to take home to ferment. 

Local Seaweed - with Milkwood Permacultures Kirsten Bradley - our very own seaweed expert Kirsten will make sure we know which ones are available to us - and how to make the ready for storage for later use.  12-1pm

Kaiseki Lunch at Longhouse by very special guest chef 


Doburoku and Sake Brewing talk - which sake to drink warm, cold, why some are fizzy, on ice or thicker. A more intimate chat with Terada Masaru at Longhouse Daylesford backed in with a beginners guide to Aged Sake with Melissa Mills from Sake Connect. 1-3pm. a more intimate look at all of the different Sake's and aged sake. 


Rice and Seaweeds with Holly Davis - We are honoured to have good friend Holly Davis (author of Ferment) and long Australia's favourite macrobiotic, wholefoods chef (and one of my own food heroes, actually). 

Seaweed - Which seaweed for what use?  Fermenting, and fermenting with, sea vegetables

Holly will also show us how to cook rice well. You might think you're doing it right, but that gorgeous, shiny way you get rice in Japan requires a certain technique.  


Emma Jimson - ceramic sake cup or tea cup making.  Our own talented and engineering brain of ceramics of Pom-me-granate will be hosting this hands-on class so you can build your own cups (and memories at the same time).


Yukiyo Copley on SHOYU making - which koji to use - how do we get the very best shoyu at home? Taste the varieties and qualities of shoyu. 


3.30 pm - 6.30pm - Mochi Tsuki pounding festival led by Nancy Singleton Hachisu

This is a festival that Nancy runs from her own home in Japan - brought to Daylesford.  Take a turn at pounding, or just watch. There'll be various dishes served along the way featuring different ways to eat mochi -  ending with a mochi filled miso soup. Roll out mochi to dry for later. Beer and Sake for tasting. 

During the afternoon while the mochi pounding is happening we'll have several activities available - you'll be able to make your own: 
  • Hoshigaki