Re-Wild Yourself
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Re-Wild Yourself

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Spend a day with us at the Longhouse in Daylesford as we go through the best foods for a re-wilding.  We'll ferment what you'll need to get some gut loving bacteria into your body every day. 

This is a hands-on class at the gorgeous Longhouse, Daylesford. 

Milk kefir, kefir cultured butter, miso, amazake, natto, kimchi, brined veg, krauts, and jun. These are our recommended go-to's at home. 

Take home: one each of Fowlers airlock jars of kimchi, a brined veg and kraut. A small crock of Miso to ferment at home, Milk Kefir SCOBY, a wad of wrapped cultured butter, Jun in both second ferment and the SCOBY. (Natto if you're into it).  

Books and other fermenty things available for purchase on the day.


11.00am -4.00pm